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I moved to Victoria BC in 2015

from a beautiful small town in Japan,

and started making ceramics in 2019.



My desire for my ceramics is to hold little moments of beauty in life.


I believe that simplicity is what speaks volume on thoughtfulness,

bravery in fragility, and beauty of becoming.

The life of each piece begins in my hands,

and then with the time you spend,

it'll get warmth by being loved,

and become something more than just a thing

that can carry memories over time.



Having grown up in a place where people make connections with

each other, nature and everything easily yet so beautifully,

taught me to treasure all the simple things :

smelling dirt from newly harvested vegetables,

cooking harvests gifted by neighbours into something good,

seeing my mom put a flower stem that I found outside

in our favourite bud vase and admiring it,

feeling so lucky to see a leaf falling from a tree

or a flower opening its petals through the day


I believe in cherishing all the little details

just as we are supposed to, yet can easily forget.


And that is how I'm inspired to make things simple

but also graceful enough that 

it can embody anything that you want to treasure.